Cute Character: Octopus Lady

Cute Character: Octopus Lady

FINALLY! I drew and inked the third fourth main character of my bee detective story, starring Sweetie Bee, Detective Bumble, Bucky Lambert, and now Via Creed!

Octavia Creed
She looks super elegant. My mom says the third eye creeps her out!!

I’d been stuck on this character for a long time, and she went through numerous redesigns (in fact, she was originally a cat. How about that!?) I always knew I wanted her to be a psychic or empath of sorts, and I thought a black cat would emphasize the superstitious aspect of her personality. However, a psychic black cat lady character already exists in a franchise I like: Katrina from Animal Crossing!

Octavia Creed, or Via, for short, is a palm reader and fortune teller whose business is failing. She is patient, intuitive, and comes off as a little weird and cryptic to her friends Sweetie and Bucky. She isn’t one to judge, and does her best to see the good in everyone. She’s very quiet and reserved, and usually not outwardly expressive. Her third eye opens when she uses her psychic powers.

Wanting to stay true to my character’s personality but not seem like a copycat (no pun intended), I struggled to think of another animal that would fit the bill. As Craftie B helped me brainstorm, we thought of an octopus character as a reference to Paul the Octopus, who predicted the results of the World Cup a few years back. In addition, my cast is now a little more diverse — it consists of two insects, a mammal, and a sea creature instead of two insects and two mammals! I got to work, and designed Via! Hopefully I can start fleshing out this story’s world and characters now that I have this sorted out.

Look forward to hearing more about this bee story in the future! Until next time, keep bee-ing yourselves, Citizens.

Undertale Print (+Old Art!)

Undertale Print (+Old Art!)

I’ve been busy with school, and haven’t been very inspired to post much of my artwork online. However, a sudden burst of inspiration prompted me to churn out this piece of fanart in just four days! (I began working on the sketch last Thursday, and I finished the digital coloring late Sunday evening.) This illustration has a heck-ton of characters! Undertale may be over two years old, but it is still very popular. I’m not as “into” the game as I used to be, but it has a diverse cast of wonderful characters! Check it out:

Undertale Print Final.png
Who’s your favorite? Did I leave out someone important? Let me know!!

Due to Toby Fox’s policy on merch, I can’t sell this piece on my RedBubble, but if I’m able to go to conventions in the future, I may be able to sell prints in person! Until then, I’m just happy to be able to share art online with my followers.

I don’t post a lot of fanart on my blog, but Undertale was very important to me not too long ago, and it continues to hold a special place in my heart soul. This is probably the first Undertale-related piece I’ve drawn in over a year, and the first time I’ve drawn several characters, such as Napstablook (ghost with headphones), Undyne (cool fish lady), and Muffet (creepy spider girl)! My older Undertale art was… well… I still have it saved in the depths of my hard drive, so you can take a look for yourself.

Undertale - terrible ship drawing
A relationship that would never work for obvious reasons, if you’re familiar with the game. (Also, what are eyes?)
Undertale - Pokemon Stop
This comic is so irrelevant, I think I hear “Whip and Nae Nae” playing. I’m not entirely sure where all that fluff on Sans’s jacket came from, because none of that is there in the game…
Undertale - Chara with Sans Powers
Careful, you could get hurt on all that EDGE. It’s interesting that I gave Chara Sans’s eye/powers in this image, but why is their mouth bleeding???

Needless to say, my art style has evolved (and, I would say, improved) over time. I’m a lot happier with my recent print than I am with some of my old drawings. I’m happy I chose to continue pursuing art and drawing so I could get where I am today! With that said, I still have a lot to learn and improve upon in my work.

I’ll try to get some of my recent sketchbook illustrations uploaded to show you guys, and I’ll also hopefully be more active once summer rolls around. Thanks for having patience with my slow work cycle, everyone! ^^ Until next time, stay determined and whatnot.

New Design: On Cloud Nine

New Design: On Cloud Nine

Since I’ve figured out how to color my traditional lineart with online programs, I’ve had a lot of fun making new designs with fun, bright colors. Since I didn’t have too much work to do over Thanksgiving break, it was a great way to pass my time! In addition to the character icons I made for a couple of my OCs, and the art I created for my Splatoon remix, I also made a new work for my RedBubble store. Check it out!

On Cloud Nine

This girl was originally designed back in April of this year, based on the prompt “Keeper of the Storm.” I loved her cloud hair so much that I wanted to draw her again in my current art style! I thought of the expression “on cloud nine,” which means very happy, so I gave her a cute smile. I think it turned out well, and I love the gradient in the background. The artwork is available on stickers, phone cases, and more thanks to RedBubble.

I may be busier now that school is back again, but hopefully I can still find time to draw and create! As always, thanks for supporting me as I strive to improve my art. PenPrin awaaaaay!

Free Icon Requests

Free Icon Requests

Hello, readers! For a short time, I will be offering one free character icon to each of my blog followers, as a thank-you for supporting me. Here are some examples of what a character icon from me looks like:

F-Stop - Icon - Colored and Fixed     Sou Icon - Colored

These are my two characters, F-Stop and Sou. They both happen to be girls, but I can do male characters, too! A character icon is a picture of the character’s head down to their shoulders, a white “shadow” behind them to help them stand out, and a simple gradient background. (It’s okay if their hands, tails, or other special features are in the picture, too.) Here are the steps for claiming your free icon.

  1. You must be following my blog.
  2. Send me, via email or comments, a picture or detailed description of the person/character you would like an icon of. (If you eMail me, you must prove somehow that you are, in fact, one of my followers! Thanks for understanding.)
  3. Please have patience! I may be busy with school, but I will do my best to get these illustrations done.
  4. When I finish, I will post the icon to my blog! Depending on how you contacted me, I can email you the picture or reply to your comment with a link to the blog post. Afterwards, feel free to use your new icon however you like! (I won’t make revisions to the picture once it’s already posted, sorry!)

My eMail address (please only use it for commissions and other important inquiries) is If you don’t want me to post the icon online, or you want multiple icons instead of just one, you can commission me instead. I’m always open!

Thanks again for your continued support. ❤