Line Art: Polar Bear Girl

Line Art: Polar Bear Girl


She’s so cute and fluffy!

At the moment, I’m considering creating a coloring book full of animal-themed characters. I’ve drawn about four, which I’ll post periodically. An art technique that I discovered is that when I’m outlining, I’ll just go over my sketch in ballpoint pen, not worrying too much about line weight along the way. Then I’ll go over the eyes again and make certain parts thicker so they stand out. Once that’s done, I make the outline on the outer edge of the character thicker than the rest. This seems to make my artwork “pop off the page” and look like something out of a coloring book!

This polar bear girl has two buns in her hair that are meant to look like ears. Her eyes are also bears, and her parasol is a bear, too! Her earmuffs and the fluffy parts of her clothing are meant to represent fur. Polar bears also have dark eyes like her. I was considering giving her a stuffed bear companion, but I just couldn’t figure out where in the illustration to put it. Oh well!

I liked the way this drawing turned out so much that I’m using it as my banner for my Facebook and Google+ profiles. I plan to color this drawing soon with my new watercolor pencils, and I’m so excited to get started! Expect many more animal girls to come. (And boys, if I can ever figure out how their dumb bodies are supposed to look, LOL!)


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