Line Art: Ladybug Girl

Line Art: Ladybug Girl

She looks so friendly!

Here’s another drawing of an animal-themed girl. This one is based on a cute ladybug! She was actually the first one I drew, and I had so much fun doing it. I wish I could wear that fantastic dress of hers! Again, I plan to color this soon, and I’ll upload the finished version here to my blog. I scanned the line art beforehand so that if I do create a coloring book, I can put this in it!

The obvious part of the girl’s design that makes her a ladybug is the bottom half of the dress, with the outer spotted layer covering the inner, almost leaf-like layer. These are meant to look like ladybug wings. In addition, ladybugs are social creatures, so I wanted to give her a warm and inviting expression. The iris of her eye is meant to be ladybug-shaped, as is her “poof” of floaty hair at the top.

The “hair poof” is a stylistic choice of mine, and I do it with a lot of characters to show certain things about them. For example, a sweet character might have a heart-shaped hair poof, and a feisty or determined character might have a hair poof shaped like fire. So, for future reference, oddly-shaped things floating above my characters’ heads are NOT tiny misshapen halos, but just out-of-place hair. LOL!


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