Line Art: Bat Girl

Line Art: Bat Girl

This bat seems devious, but still adorable! Maybe she’s a little… batty?

Here is another girl for my animal girl coloring book idea! This one is based on a bat (I was going to make it specifically a fruit bat, but I couldn’t figure out a good way to incorporate the “fruit” part). I think her messy, choppy hair is very cute. It reminds me of my hair, haha!

The bat girl’s bangs are supposed to represent bat wings, and so are her long, flowing sleeves. The end of her mesh skirt and her regular skirt continue the same pattern. Her hair poof is also a bat wing, and I gave her a Dracula-like collar. She looks like she could be a girl from Monster High! I never got into the show or the toys as a kid, but I still think that a school full of monster girls is a cute concept. Haley Mewsome’s Unfamiliar has made me like things that are creepy but cute.

If you’re wondering how I draw these animal girls and other things, I sketch them out using a regular pencil on art paper from Dollar Tree, outline them in a Signo 0.7mm ballpoint pen (this info is outdated; that pen ran out and I just use any 0.7mm black ink pen that I can find now), and then have my dad help me scan them in to my computer using our Canon MF210 printer/scanner (the link takes you to a MF212 printer/scanner, but it looks exactly like what we have). We do a Black and White scan to make the lines look much cleaner, and save it as a JPEG. Finally, I clean up tiny mistakes with MS Paint. My process will probably change once I have to start doing color scans instead of black and white scans!

I strongly prefer even cheap art paper over standard printer paper because it’s so much easier to erase pencil marks. On printer paper, no matter how hard I tried, there would always be a faint hint of the sketch underneath. With art paper, even if I push down harder than I probably should with the pencil, the lines always go away after I’ve outlined! Three cheers for the Dollar Tree. As Pencil Princess, I dub thee the best place to shop! Well, other than Hobby Lobby. That’s where I got my neon gel pens and watercolor pencils. Three cheers for Hobby Lobby, too!


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