Pencil Princess Profile Picture

Pencil Princess Profile Picture

I already have my amazing Pencil Princess logo (thanks, Crafty B!), but I also wanted to create a character that represented my online persona. Rather than being my website’s icon, the character would be my WordPress profile picture for when I made and replied to comments.

The original concept I had for my profile picture was a girl wearing the pencil crown from my logo. It was a simple idea, and I didn’t spend any time at all thinking about it. As I was drawing it, it became more of a chore than a fun activity. I remember that my hand was shaking by the time I finished inking because I had so little energy to work on it. And then there was the final straw: after I had outlined everything and was erasing the sketch underneath, my paper ripped. At the time, I was very upset. I would have to redo the entire picture, so all the time I had spent sketching and inking would be for nothing. Frustrated, I set the paper down and decided I would just deal with it the next day.

Later that night, though, I got to thinking. What if my paper being ripped was some sort of sign? As if God was telling me, “Hey, maybe you should try something else.” I know, it’s a bit of a stretch. But it is true that art should never feel like something you have to do. It should be something you want to do! The paper ripped because I was uninspired about drawing the profile picture, and I needed to figure out a way to make it fun.

Once I had come to that realization, I started listening to music and watching videos for inspiration. In particular, a video by Haley Mewsome (aka LavenderTowne) on how to design cute creatures really helped me figure out what I wanted for my icon. I sketched out a few ideas and settled on a cute pencil girl with a dress and a crown. Personally, I like this adorable pencil kid far more than the generic girl I originally drew. It was so much more fun for me, and because of that I think I was able to produce a work of art of a much higher quality. (Even if it did take several hours… and a lot of food. LOL!)

I’m especially proud of this because it was my first time using watercolor pencils! As with most art supplies, they’re hard to get used to, but I’m excited to explore new techniques and hopefully figure out how to use them best. The original picture has been edited digitally, so this looks much better than the original, physical drawing (in my opinion). As Pencil Princess, I hope that my Citizens are pleased with my efforts. Look forward to another post tomorrow!

pencil princess icon (1)
This cute pencil girl looks like she’s having so much fun. If she had arms, she’d be waving them around!

3 thoughts on “Pencil Princess Profile Picture

  1. Reblogged this on Craftie Beaver and commented:
    My daughter drew this for her user avatar. So cute. I gave her a lesson in Photoshop in detailing with the white outline and effect on the pencil skirt. 🙂 Love this idea! Lilli, you’re so talented.

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