Line Art: Kitty Girl

Line Art: Kitty Girl

This is one sassy cat!

Here’s another drawing of an animal-themed girl. This one was a request from a friend of mine, whose name I won’t mention online. I showed her a few of my animal girl drawings, and she wanted me to draw a cat! At first I was hesitant, because everyone draws cat girls, and I didn’t want my illustration to fall prey to the general stereotypes of cartoon and anime cat girl art. Instead of making her shy and innocent, I made her feisty and unapologetic – like a real house cat. They are not shy about how much they hate you, LOL! Rather than plopping some ears and a tail on an anime schoolgirl, I tried to make this feline female a cool and modern lady.

The kitty girl’s hair poof sort-of resembles a cat’s head with pointy ears. Her eyes are cat-like, and the three prominent eyelashes at the bottom also represent whiskers. She has a cat-like mouth that also resembles a letter “w”! There’s a cat emblem on her crop top, and she’s wearing some adorable fluffy cat gloves. She also has long kitten stockings, which are a real product that I found on Hot Topic’s website. I would probably wear these… except I rarely wear shorts, so you wouldn’t be able to tell. Haha!

Even though I wasn’t looking forward to this drawing as much as I was the others, this turned out to be a very fun picture to draw. Thanks, friend! I don’t often draw arms with actual joints, so I feel slightly accomplished. If you guys have any suggestions for what kind of animal girl I should draw next, feel free to comment your ideas. Until next time, Citizens!


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