Commissions are OPEN!

I have been considering it for a while and have decided that I am going to accept art commissions. If you don’t know what an art commission is, it’s when someone asks an artist to create something for them. In my case, I will be doing character illustrations! Examples of my artwork can be seen on my blog, where I have artwork like my Ladybug Girl, Bee Detectives, and fully-colored Sourelise character icon.

Character Illustrations by Pencil Princess

I can draw an already-existing character or bring your original ideas to life.

A character illustration includes a black-and-white drawing of one existing character with no background. Additional characters are extra.

Close-up / Icon (shoulders to top of head) – $1 base amount

Medium (torso to top of head) – $2 base amount

Full-body (entire body) – $3 base amount

+$1 for digital color, +$2 for traditional color

+$1 for complex shading

+$1 for a complex background (objects, scenery, etc.)

For example, if this piece were a commission, I would charge just $2, because it’s an icon with digital coloring. There is only minimal shading, and it was done during the lineart phase rather than with color, so I would not charge extra.

All prices are negotiable and subject to future change.

My Commission Process

This is how commissioning me will go.

Step 1: You contact me and tell me that you would like to commission me.

Step 2: I let you know that I can do your commission and tell you what the price will be.

Step 3: If you are willing to pay that price, you pay me half of whatever that is before I start.

Step 4: Once confirm that I have received half of the agreed-upon price, I will begin working on your commission as soon as possible.

Step 5: I will send sketches and progress updates periodically, and you can tell me what to do or change. Up to five free changes during the sketch / design process. Once inked, it will cost extra for any changes.

Step 6: Once I am finished, I will let you know and send a watermarked, low-resolution version of the finished product.

Step 7: You will pay me the other half of the agreed-upon price.

Step 8: I will send you the unwatermarked, full-quality piece of artwork. You will then own the character / piece of art that has been sent to you and will be able to do whatever you like with it.

NSFW or 18+ commissions will be declined. I also have the right to decline any commission request that I feel uncomfortable with.

Currently, my email address / Google account,, is the only way to contact me for commissions. If you also have a Google account, we could use Google Hangouts to communicate. I usually check both more than once a day.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this! Commissions will be open until further notice. đŸ™‚


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