Spooky Fan Character – Agent Evelyn

Spooky Fan Character – Agent Evelyn

Not too long ago, I was very into the Matrix trilogy of movies. I loved all the cool characters, symbolism, and, of course, the super-cool fight scenes! My first fan character for the series was F-Stop, a young girl with a neat pair of 3D glasses that was desperate to make herself useful to the people she looked up to. As I started brainstorming a story for her to belong to, I decided that I wanted to have my own agent character, too. The lack of lady agents in any of the Matrix movies gave me the inspiration to draw this one!

Agent Evelyn
I really love how this portrait turned out, especially the headphones! Perspective and foreshortening aren’t usually my strongest areas, so I’m proud of this.

This drawing is from a few months ago, as was my Shadow drawing from yesterday. Since I finally scanned a bunch of old drawings, I’ve decided to give them some neat backgrounds and slight touch-ups on the computer and post them to my blog! Now you guys can see the drawings I’ve done throughout the school year, but haven’t had the time to post.

Anyway, I designed Agt. Evelyn to look like a capable businesswoman crossed with a creepy librarian. Her big hair was really fun to draw. I wonder how she keeps it that way..? Maybe she alters the code of the Matrix so it always looks nice without her having to reapply hair spray/gel all the time. I wonder if she has any relation to the other agents, like Agt. Smith? I hope you guys enjoy this illustration. Leave a comment to let me know how I can improve in the future, or what kind of drawings you want to see me do next. Until next time, remember that nothing is real!! Just kidding… 😉

*silently crying because The Matrix was taken off of Netflix*


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