NEW Commission Process & Examples!


⋙ Commission Me? ⋘

Yes - We're Open

Sounds great! Right now, my commissions are OPEN, so you are free to commission me any time you like.


Guidelines, prices, and other information can be found below! Please read thoroughly if you’re not familiar with how I do things.

• Character Illustrations •

• Close-up (top of shoulders to top of head): $1 base amount*
• Medium (torso to top of head): $2 base amount*
• Full-body (entire body): $3 base amount*
+$1 to total for ink only
+$2 to total for ink and color
+$1 to total for any complex backgrounds or scenery
+$1 to total for every additional character in the illustration
*Base amount includes a pencil sketch with no/minimal color.


“Sourelise” • Close-up • Ink & Color • Simple Background • $3

Art Style 1: Simple, curvy, cutesy. Very little detail. Blush. No hatch shading.
Art Style 2: In between. My usual style. (Example given is less recent than others.)
Art Style 3: Complex, angular, serious. More detailed. Hatch shading. No blush.

• You can mix and match elements like blush and shading if you want! Also, if you want me to try a different style than the ones above, I’m more than willing to give it a go. •

Simple BG Style 1: Flat color background. Paper-textured outline around character.
Simple BG Style 2: Gradient color background. White “shadow” behind character.
Simple BG Style 3: Flat color background. White angular outline around character and a defining shape behind their head.

• These backgrounds don’t have to go with the art styles they’re demonstrated alongside! Keep in mind that these are quick examples. You can go without a background, or request other types of simple backgrounds for no extra cost. •

All prices are subject to future change, and may differ slightly depending on details and difficulty of your order.


• Logos & Typography •

• starting at $1 – Prices will vary depending on complexity and desired medium. If it includes a character, I’ll charge it like a character illustration.

cxsmicz - Name Banner

“Cxsmicz” • Completely Digital • Simple $1

Battery Life

“Battery Life” • Partially Hand-Drawn • Simple • $2

Digital logos are easier for me • I will charge $1 as a base price.
Partially hand-drawn logos are harder • I will charge $2 as a base price
More complicated lettering/pictures will cost more

All prices are subject to future change, and may differ slightly depending on details and difficulty of your order.



Step 1: You contact me and tell me that you would like to commission me, and give me the details of your order.

Step 2: I let you know that I can do your commission and tell you what the price will be.

Step 3: If you are willing to pay that price, you pay me half of whatever that is before I start. Make sure not to send payment until I have confirmed that I can and will do your commission!

Step 4: Once confirm that I have received half of the agreed-upon price, I will begin working on your commission as soon as possible. If I am working on other commissions, you will be placed on a waiting list. I will keep you informed about your place on the list.

Step 5: I will send sketches and progress updates periodically, and you can tell me what to do or change. Up to five free changes during the sketch / design process. Once inked, it will cost extra for any changes.

Step 6: Once I am finished, I will let you know and send a watermarked, low-resolution version of the finished product to show you that I have kept my end of the deal.

Step 7: You will pay me the other half of the agreed-upon price.

Step 8: I will send you the unwatermarked, full-quality piece of artwork. You will then own the character / piece of art that has been sent to you and will be able to do whatever you like with it.

REGARDING REFUNDS: Please do not bypass me and go directly through PayPal for a refund. If you change your mind, need your money back, etc. then please just talk to me and I can personally get you a refund. I will communicate with you as soon as possible.


⋙ Commission Do’s & Don’ts ⋘


• Fursonas and other species (as long as they’re relatively humanoid)
• Experimentation with other styles (upon request)
• Comic strips (I’ll charge them like character illustrations)
• Big projects (as long as you understand that they will take a long time)
• Line and color your sketches/drawings


Sexual content (no-no parts and naughty bits) •
Excessive gore (losta blood n’ guts) •
Detailed animals & machinery (I can try but I can’t guarantee accuracy) •
Photorealism (don’t even get me started) •
Accept payment in anything other than USD through PayPal* •
*And no, I don’t do art “for exposure.” 😉



You CAN’T turn around and re-sell my artwork to other people, but you CAN use commissions that you purchased from me for commercial purposes, such as a monetized YouTube channel or a business logo.

This does NOT mean you can use my other artwork for such purposes – ONLY pictures that you have DIRECTLY PURCHASED from me. Thanks!


I have the right to decline any commission that I feel is offensive or that I am otherwise uncomfortable with.



 Send an Email or Google Hangout invite to
• PM (private message) me on WordPress
• Find me on DeviantArt at with the username Prinnamon

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