Masked Shapeshifter: Natyu

Masked Shapeshifter: Natyu

-Who is it?
-Well, it’s Natyu.
-I know it’s not me, who is it!?

This character’s name is a pretty obvious pun – it sounds like “not you,” which is a play-on-words referencing the fact that he is a shapeshifter! I created this character a while ago and I’m happy to be able to post it now.


I thought about coloring this picture, but I feel that it works best in black and white, kind-of like my Agent Evelyn illustration. Natyu is wearing a uniform similar to the one Sourelise wears, because I created them to exist in the same story. Natyu is disguising himself as a crew member of the same ship Sou works on. How sneaky!

The shape of his mask is a bit like an upside-down apostrophe, or half of a quotation mark, which is supposed to play into the fact that he copies others’ forms by shapeshifting. Almost like how you… copy someone’s words… by quoting them? Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch. However, the next part of his mask makes a little more sense – it has a mouth, nose, and whiskers like a cat! A COPYcat, one might say. Haha… heh… ehhhh. Still stretching? Yeah? Okay. Moving on…

I like how this portrait came out, especially the hatching to add some dramatic shading and the broken glass effect that cuts it off at the bottom. I like doing cool things like this when I do portraits! I think it’s fun to have the picture fade out or come to an end at the bottom in a more exciting way. Let me know what you think of this character in the comments. For everyone getting out of school, happy summer!!


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