Deviant Roulette

Deviant Roulette

Hello there, everyone! Recently I’ve been posting more on my DeviantArt than I have been here on my blog, simply because DeviantArt is a little more convenient for me than WordPress. For a little less than a week, my friend and I have been playing a game called Deviant Roulette, where we search for others’ original characters (OCs) on DeviantArt and draw some of the ones that stand out to us. So far I’ve drawn and posted six characters, which I’ll go ahead and share here on my blog!

These six were very fun to draw, and this has been a really fun game. Check out my DeviantArt gallery and the respective owners of these OCs to learn more about them, and check out monlight-bunnies’s page to see my friend’s drawings of these OCs. Thanks!


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