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Soda and Cigarette

Soda and Cigarette


“Photography isn’t really my thing,” Alison explained. “I mean, I think I’m decent at it. I just wish I could show them what I’m best at.”

Chris handed Alison the camera and bent down to tie her shoe. “Yeah, I get that. But the review is coming up in, what, two weeks? There’s no way you’re getting ten paintings done by then.” She sighed. “And you won’t use old work, so…”

“I’ve improved recently,” Alison asserted. “My old work is pretty awful by my standards now.”

“And that’s why I’m telling you to take pictures instead. The outside world’s art style doesn’t change.”

“Right, but…”

“Would you just admit that you’ve been too ambitious? You thought you could get a perfect portfolio done in a couple months, and you couldn’t. We’re going to take some photos whether you like it or not because you’ve got to have something to present.”

“I’ve already agreed to this. You don’t have to convince me.”

“Then quit arguing and get some shoes on.”

Chris had finished tying her sneakers. Alison slipped on a pair of sandals.

“I invite you into my home, and you thank me for my hospitality by dragging me outside with a camera,” she quipped.

“Shut up. I’m being a good friend.”

Chris and Alison stepped outside. The lighting wasn’t ideal, but Chris insisted that everything could be fixed using Photoshop. Alison photographed flowers and trees and streetlamps and anything that looked even mildly interesting. Worried that her parents wouldn’t want her going too far, she insisted that they remain on the same street.

Chris, three years older than Alison, lit a cigarette. Ali tried not to stand downwind of her friend, but the smoke always seemed to follow her. She gave up her attempts to evade the foul-smelling clouds and continued scouting for an acceptable composition.

Tink. She felt herself kick the aluminum can and heard the metallic noise it made before she saw that it was there: an undamaged can of Mountain Dew by the edge of the sidewalk.

“That really says something,” Chris pointed out. “Something about climate change or trash or whatever.”

Alison shrugged. “Stuff like this is always by the side of the road.”

“Isn’t that kinda the point?”

Chris bent down, put out her cigarette, and set it on the ground a few inches from the can. She got up, took a few steps, and bent over again, this time to pick up a pile of dead leaves. She placed them near the can and the cigarette, straightened up, and then gestured to her work with her right foot. “Voilà. Art.”

Squatting, Ali brought the camera up to her face and adjusted the focus before taking a snapshot.

“Should we throw that stuff away?”


Soda and Cigarette.jpg
Our addictions are harmful not only to ourselves but also to the Earth that has so generously offered us a place to call home.

What are your addictions? Mine are food, attention, and sugary drinks. 🙂


[ANIMATED] All The President’s Men (1976) in Under Three Minutes

[ANIMATED] All The President’s Men (1976) in Under Three Minutes

I have taken a break from sharing my art online, not only on WordPress, but on DeviantArt, too.  I don’t know if I’m “coming back” to my blog, but I do think I’ll go ahead and share some of the pieces that I’ve worked on in my absence, including this one.

This project has dominated the past couple months of my life.  While I also participated in a musical theater production, I raced to get it done in time for the last day of the school year.  The assignment was to create a final project which would showcase what I had learned that year in my Digital Media Fundamentals course.  I got the bright idea to do an animation: a plot summary of my favorite movie, All The President’s Men.  All I would have to do is think of a few jokes and draw some cute cartoons to go along with it.  It would have been great if I’d had another month to work on it, but as it was, I only had about half of April and most of May, and I still had other commitments to juggle.  I hadn’t planned ahead very well.

Somehow, though, I managed to get the project done, and it only cost my and my family’s sanity.  While it isn’t perfect, I’m happy with the end result.  It’s closer to an animatic than to a full-blown animation, but considering that this is only the second time I’ve attempted making large-resolution animated content, I’m satisfied.

(My first animation, while more fluid, was far shorter and more simplistic.  Here it is, if you’re curious!)

I love All The President’s Men so much.  The writing, cinematography, acting, and everything about it is just amazing to me.  Certain people might find it boring and hard-to-follow; it’s a movie you really have to pay attention to, and one that isn’t necessarily completely understood on the first watch.  It’s very faithful to the book and to the real historical events.  I fell in love with the setting and the characters, and I hope that my little animation will encourage others to watch it.  It’s available on Netflix for free with subscription, and on YouTube for just under $4.  Let me know if you have any feedback or tips on how to improve my artwork!  Thank you.

Cloud Nine: Sky References

Cloud Nine: Sky References

Those who know me may know that I’m in the “planning stage” of several projects. This means that none of said projects have begun yet, because I’m still working out stories, character designs, and other important details. One of my projects is Cloud Nine, which would be a webcomic! It’s still in the works, and I recently drew up some references for the main character, Sky.

I’ve actually redesigned this character since the last time I drew her on this blog. Instead of long hair, I gave her a fluffy fauxhawk – long in the middle with the sides shaved close! I also changed the color of her eyes to a gold-ish yellow to appear a bit more magical. Below you can see a portrait of her plus a partial turnaround with four outfits!

Cloud Nine - Sky
Sky next to the Cloud Nine logo
Sky Turnaround Base
Undergarments/The base I used to create other outfits
Sky Turnaround Regular Outfit
Sky’s regular outfit, at least for the cold
Sky Turnaround PJs
Sky in her PJs, ready to go to sleep
Sky Turnaround Work Outfit
Sky in her work outfit – she’s an inventor, and her workshop gets messy!

This was all really enjoyable, because I love doing character design work. References for other important characters will come in time, but right now I’m working on designing some “Adoptable” characters to sell on DeviantArt. See you soon!

Deviant Roulette

Deviant Roulette

Hello there, everyone! Recently I’ve been posting more on my DeviantArt than I have been here on my blog, simply because DeviantArt is a little more convenient for me than WordPress. For a little less than a week, my friend and I have been playing a game called Deviant Roulette, where we search for others’ original characters (OCs) on DeviantArt and draw some of the ones that stand out to us. So far I’ve drawn and posted six characters, which I’ll go ahead and share here on my blog!

These six were very fun to draw, and this has been a really fun game. Check out my DeviantArt gallery and the respective owners of these OCs to learn more about them, and check out monlight-bunnies’s page to see my friend’s drawings of these OCs. Thanks!