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I drew a picture for my mom’s blog! She colored it in digitally. Looks great, Crafty B! Thanks for the prompt! 😀

Craftie Beaver

My daughter, Pencil Princess, is so funny. The other night, she asked for a Pop Tart in the morning for breakfast. I asked her if it was okay untoasted. She said, “Sure, I don’t mind Raw-p Tarts!”

I. Died!

So I asked her to draw me a Pop Tart for my blog. Isn’t it cute?  Good job, Lilli. Wish I could draw like you do. You have a natural talent for it. Your illustrations are so simple and adorable. Love your style. And wit. 🙂 ❤ You’re my best galfriend.

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Cute Cartoon Skull & Crossbones Design

Cute Cartoon Skull & Crossbones Design

My last few posts haven’t been about traditional drawings because I haven’t been drawing a lot lately. Instead, I’ve been shifting my focus a little more towards digital design! That’s not to say I’ve given up on drawing, but I’ve really started to enjoy doing art on the computer in addition to drawing on paper.

More specifically, I’ve been creating a lot of art for my RedBubble store! I haven’t actually made any sales yet, but I just get excited seeing previews of my designs on over 50 different products. I was thinking of new designs I could do, and decided that a cartoon skull and crossbones would be cute! Here is the link to the design on RedBubble.

The description for this piece says, “This design will make you look cool and tough! …Well, almost. The cute and cartoony style clashes with the traditionally ominous symbol of the skull and crossbones.” I’ve said before that I like things that mix creepy and adorable together, and to me, this picture does exactly that.

When you first click on the design on my profile or my portfolio, you’ll see an example of what it looks like on a sticker. This is because I think it looks really cool on a sticker, but if you click on “available products” you can see it on 51 other unique items! I would get it on a journal because then it’s like a warning against people who might look through your private drawings! Keep out!!! LOL

I really enjoy making these digital designs, but I’d also like to get back to drawing. Any suggestions? Please let me know in the comments, I love to hear them! I sincerely thank my Citizens for their viewing of this artwork, and wish them a wonderful day. 😉

White Cat Pattern with Orange Gradient

White Cat Pattern with Orange Gradient

Lately, I’ve been working on designs to post on my new RedBubble store. One of my recent designs which I talked about in my Cute Character: Queen of Clubs post was my White Heart Pattern with Red Gradient. Since that design turned out so well, I decided to create another one similar to it!

I think it’s simple and modern-looking. What do you think about it?

It’s available on 35 products, and I really like how it looks on pillows and A-line dresses. I hope to create even more patterns like it and put them up on my store! If you have suggestions for other designs I could do, be sure to let me know in the comments. Have a great day!

House Full of Hope — Craftie Beaver

House Full of Hope is a play written by my mom, Crafty B. She just published it on Amazon and, I had the honor of drawing the picture for the cover. HFoF is about victims of domestic abuse telling their stories, and it’s very powerful. You can read more about it in her original post.

My daughter, Pencil Princess, drew this awesome chair for me. Read the play to find out why the chair has wings. 🙂 Thank you, my Love. You’re my angel. I absolutely adore it. My play is available on Amazon! It’s $9.99, but I’ll tell you why I did that. I had no other way of […]

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Also, once you find out the reason that the chair has wings, it will blow your mind! And your tear ducts. ;m;