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Cloud Nine: Sky References

Cloud Nine: Sky References

Those who know me may know that I’m in the “planning stage” of several projects. This means that none of said projects have begun yet, because I’m still working out stories, character designs, and other important details. One of my projects is Cloud Nine, which would be a webcomic! It’s still in the works, and I recently drew up some references for the main character, Sky.

I’ve actually redesigned this character since the last time I drew her on this blog. Instead of long hair, I gave her a fluffy fauxhawk – long in the middle with the sides shaved close! I also changed the color of her eyes to a gold-ish yellow to appear a bit more magical. Below you can see a portrait of her plus a partial turnaround with four outfits!

Cloud Nine - Sky
Sky next to the Cloud Nine logo
Sky Turnaround Base
Undergarments/The base I used to create other outfits
Sky Turnaround Regular Outfit
Sky’s regular outfit, at least for the cold
Sky Turnaround PJs
Sky in her PJs, ready to go to sleep
Sky Turnaround Work Outfit
Sky in her work outfit – she’s an inventor, and her workshop gets messy!

This was all really enjoyable, because I love doing character design work. References for other important characters will come in time, but right now I’m working on designing some “Adoptable” characters to sell on DeviantArt. See you soon!

Masked Shapeshifter: Natyu

Masked Shapeshifter: Natyu

-Who is it?
-Well, it’s Natyu.
-I know it’s not me, who is it!?

This character’s name is a pretty obvious pun – it sounds like “not you,” which is a play-on-words referencing the fact that he is a shapeshifter! I created this character a while ago and I’m happy to be able to post it now.


I thought about coloring this picture, but I feel that it works best in black and white, kind-of like my Agent Evelyn illustration. Natyu is wearing a uniform similar to the one Sourelise wears, because I created them to exist in the same story. Natyu is disguising himself as a crew member of the same ship Sou works on. How sneaky!

The shape of his mask is a bit like an upside-down apostrophe, or half of a quotation mark, which is supposed to play into the fact that he copies others’ forms by shapeshifting. Almost like how you… copy someone’s words… by quoting them? Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch. However, the next part of his mask makes a little more sense – it has a mouth, nose, and whiskers like a cat! A COPYcat, one might say. Haha… heh… ehhhh. Still stretching? Yeah? Okay. Moving on…

I like how this portrait came out, especially the hatching to add some dramatic shading and the broken glass effect that cuts it off at the bottom. I like doing cool things like this when I do portraits! I think it’s fun to have the picture fade out or come to an end at the bottom in a more exciting way. Let me know what you think of this character in the comments. For everyone getting out of school, happy summer!!

Higher-Res Sou Icons

Yesterday, I posted my updated commission page in preparation for this summer! In the upcoming months, I hope to spread out to other art and picture-oriented websites including DeviantArt and Instagram to increase my presence on social media. But all that is beside the point! With my new commission page, I included examples of different types of backgrounds and art styles I can do. For the subject, I decided to use my character Sourelise, who I had already drawn in my regular style a few months ago. Since the examples I included were rather low-resolution, I decided to re-post them today in case you guys want to see them more clearly!

Sou Icon - Paper Cutout Cutie
This is the first, in the style of a cute and simple paper cutout.
Sou Icon - Complex Style
This is the second, with a more angular and complex style of drawing!

I hope you guys enjoy these new versions of my old character icon and look forward to my increased activity this summer. See you again soon!!

Cute Character: Pumpkin Girl

WoooOOOoooOOOoooo! That was my impression of a ghost. I’m not very good at this “spooky” business. Speaking of spookiness, here’s a picture I drew around Halloween and colored with colored pencils later! I’m going back and giving some digital touch-ups to older pieces I still like so I can post them to my blog, and this is one of them:

She’s not actually very spooky. She’s actually kind-of cute! But… what’s her face look like under her jack-o-lantern mask!?

This cutesy sitting pose allowed me to avoid drawing the hands, a part of the body which I and many other artists find difficult. However, looking back, I might have drawn her arms a little too long. What do you think of this playful Halloween-themed girl? And is it okay to post drawings like this so late after/so soon before Halloween? Let me know what you think in the comments – I don’t hear nearly enough from you guys! đŸ˜‰

Hopefully I’ll be able to post more tomorrow, so stay tuned! …Scratch that, you can’t “stay tuned” to a blog. Uh, keep checking in. Okay, bye.