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Another poem written for a creative writing course, “Seeker” is about death, a topic I have little direct experience with. I tried to offer a unique perspective on the subject.

Death is a child.
Death’s not alive.
Death never died;
Doesn’t know why

You’re all so upset,
You’re all so afraid.
Death wonders how come
You won’t come and play.

It’s hide and seek.
It’s a matter of time.
Ready or not,
You’re easy to find.

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First Fall

One of two poems written for a creative writing course, “First Fall” is about my earliest memory from childhood: sitting upside down on the sofa, then falling and hitting my head on the carpeted floor. Hope you enjoy!

Upside down,
Ceiling’s my ground.
From my lips,
Joyful sounds.

Head leaning back,
Toes in the air
On the couch
Without a care.

The carpet above
(Or is it below?)
Will cushion my fall,
So down I go.

Betrayed by carpet’s
Pillowy promise.
Of all my memories,
I’ll keep this the longest.

I’m not very active on WordPress. Find me on DeviantArt:

An Out-of-This-World Father’s Day

An Out-of-This-World Father’s Day

Untitled drawing
So cute! By the way, this is definitely a completely, 100% accurate depiction of how the moon was created. Yep.

I usually limit myself to one post a day, but I figured that I would make an exception because today is Father’s Day. Don’t worry, I’ll still have something to put up tomorrow!

I stayed up late last night to make this cute picture for my dad using my Sargent Art gel pens. He really likes science and space, so I wanted to make him something with that in mind. Also, when I was little, I used to run circles around him all the time. When he heard the song Satellite by Guster, it reminded him of that, so that’s why he calls me his satellite.

In school, I heard that Earth was hit by a very large object, and one of the chunks that broke off in the process became what is now our moon. I don’t know how accurate it is, but it sure made a good card! (Actually, this Wikipedia article explains the exact theory I’m talking about in much greater detail.)

My dad has done so much for me. His dream was to travel across the United States, but he chose instead to settle down and start a family with my mom. From the time I was born until the time I was seven or later, he sang me a long list of lullabies to help me fall asleep at night. He used to play pretend with me, although I was a difficult storytelling partner. To this day, he always encourages me to learn and try my best at everything. Happy Father’s Day to my dad and all the great dads out there. You rock!

By the way, my drawings of “old Earth” actually had orange streaks in them, but the color was lost when I scanned the picture into my computer. Whoops!