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Line Art: Owl Girl

Line Art: Owl Girl

Eeeeeeeeee! Sorry, I’m just so excited to be drawing these fun animal girls again. This adorable owl girl is another one in my series of animal-themed coloring pages! Someday, I hope to have enough to fill a coloring book. This one was a request from a Facebook friend of mine who asked, “Can you do an owl girl?” Well, I can and I did! (Even though it took me a long time.)

Owl Girl.JPG
OMG. She looks like she wants to give you a hug! Don’t leave her hanging!!!

Starting from the top, her hair poof is  in the shape of a feather! In addition, her pigtails represent the ear fluff of an actual owl. I wanted to give her cute cartoon eyebrows like I usually give my characters, but still convey the intense-looking eyebrows that owls have. I did my best to combine the two! Does it work? Let me know what you think!

The pointy nose I drew on her face is somewhat beak-like, I think. Her glasses are supposed to look like cute, tiny wings. Since owls are often portrayed as wise, I immediately thought of this girl being a student! Thus, I drew her in a private school outfit which I think turned out great. Her fluffy jacket is intended to be like an owl’s feathery wings! Last but not least, her socks have the same “v”-like feathery pattern that I often see on cartoon owls. Adorable!!

She’s also meant to look a little bit younger than my other animal girls. If I were to rank them from youngest to oldest, I would say that this owl girl is first, then the kitty girl, the bat girl, the polar bear girl, the ladybug girl, and finally the fox girl. Even if they’re not all the same age, I could totally see the five of them hanging out together.

Please give suggestions as to what kind of animal character you’d like me to draw next! Even if it takes me a while, I’ll do my best to acquiesce to your request. 😉 Or, if you want something more specific, you can always commission me to draw an existing character or one of your own. My prices are really cheap, if I do say so myself! And I do say so. So there. LOL As always, thanks to my lovely Citizens!

Comic: Silent Characters

Comic: Silent Characters

I’ve been in a bit of an art funk recently and haven’t had a lot of inspiration to draw, but that completely changed when I got the idea for this cute comic. The outlining was done by hand, and the coloring was done digitally using Photoshop! Thanks for all the help, Crafty B. Anyway, here’s “Silent Characters.”

Silent Characters Comic.png

In case you couldn’t tell, the main character is supposed to be me wearing a Pencil Princess logo tee. The little hand puppets represent Mario and Link, who don’t talk much in their respective games.

With a character like Sonic (who talks far too much IMO), if you’re going to portray them in any sort of fanfiction or fan art, the things they say need to make sense with their character. Otherwise, it’s easy for people to criticize you for not sticking to the source material. But if the character you’re writing about has little to no personality outside of choices you make for them? You can make them say anything you want. Eheheh.

Although, who would disagree that YouTube ads in the middle of videos suck?

Line Art: Fox Girl

Line Art: Fox Girl

She looks more playful than she does sly! Maybe even a bit nervous? Gotta love those skinny little stick-arms.

This one was a request from my friend! I know her in real life, but we live very far from each other, so I mostly talk to her online. She suggested that I do “a fox or a fiery animal.” Kudos to her for this great prompt! I had a little trouble with it, but I feel like the finished product looks absolutely adorable.

The fox-inspired parts of her include her hair, with a ponytail that is styled to look like a fox’s tail, and her hair clip, which is a fox head. The pupils in her eyes are slits, like a fox’s pupils. I also tried to make her ears a bit longer and less rounded than I usually draw them, like a fox’s pointy ears! Her fluffy scarf and the fluffy parts of her gloves and boots represent fur. She has those long gloves and boots because of the black markings on a fox’s front and back legs. If this piece were colored, her boots and gloves would be black or dark brown!

I have another request coming up, but also a lot of “just for fun” doodles that I hope to post soon. Feel free to leave suggestions for more animal girls or other things I could draw! Have a wonderful day, my Citizens.

Line Art: Kitty Girl

Line Art: Kitty Girl

This is one sassy cat!

Here’s another drawing of an animal-themed girl. This one was a request from a friend of mine, whose name I won’t mention online. I showed her a few of my animal girl drawings, and she wanted me to draw a cat! At first I was hesitant, because everyone draws cat girls, and I didn’t want my illustration to fall prey to the general stereotypes of cartoon and anime cat girl art. Instead of making her shy and innocent, I made her feisty and unapologetic – like a real house cat. They are not shy about how much they hate you, LOL! Rather than plopping some ears and a tail on an anime schoolgirl, I tried to make this feline female a cool and modern lady.

The kitty girl’s hair poof sort-of resembles a cat’s head with pointy ears. Her eyes are cat-like, and the three prominent eyelashes at the bottom also represent whiskers. She has a cat-like mouth that also resembles a letter “w”! There’s a cat emblem on her crop top, and she’s wearing some adorable fluffy cat gloves. She also has long kitten stockings, which are a real product that I found on Hot Topic’s website. I would probably wear these… except I rarely wear shorts, so you wouldn’t be able to tell. Haha!

Even though I wasn’t looking forward to this drawing as much as I was the others, this turned out to be a very fun picture to draw. Thanks, friend! I don’t often draw arms with actual joints, so I feel slightly accomplished. If you guys have any suggestions for what kind of animal girl I should draw next, feel free to comment your ideas. Until next time, Citizens!