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Crafty B’s Designs on Pencil-Princess RedBubble

What’s up, Citizens! Crafty B, my mom and an amazing graphic designer, has allowed me to put some of her cool designs up on RedBubble. So far, two are available:

“Morbid Model” (seen in her post Paranormal Revenge Fantasy (1-5!)) on 33 products, featured on a spiral notebook

ClearSpiral Notebook Moulin Rouge (RedBubble preview).png

“Little Umbrella Girl” (seen in her post On the Platform) also on 33 products, featured on a king-sized duvet cover

King-Sized Duvet Little Princess (RedBubble)

Both preview images of the products are from RedBubble. They aren’t my own photos. 🙂

If you’d like to see her awesome designs on other products like graphic t-shirts, framed prints, and tote bags, check them out on RedBubble at Pencil-Princess! Hopefully I will be able to add more of her great images to the store in the future. Thanks again, Crafty! ❤

Soon, I’ll post another one of my animal-themed girl line-art drawings. Look forward to that illustration in the near future! Until then, keep on keeping on!


House Full of Hope — Craftie Beaver

House Full of Hope is a play written by my mom, Crafty B. She just published it on Amazon and, I had the honor of drawing the picture for the cover. HFoF is about victims of domestic abuse telling their stories, and it’s very powerful. You can read more about it in her original post.

My daughter, Pencil Princess, drew this awesome chair for me. Read the play to find out why the chair has wings. 🙂 Thank you, my Love. You’re my angel. I absolutely adore it. My play is available on Amazon! It’s $9.99, but I’ll tell you why I did that. I had no other way of […]

via House Full of Hope — Craftie Beaver

Also, once you find out the reason that the chair has wings, it will blow your mind! And your tear ducts. ;m;



This is something I painted a little while ago at a painting class. Well, an adult painting class. With alcohol. I didn’t have any, obviously, but I could totally see the appeal of a glass of wine. Painting is stressful!

The painting class we took was at a place called Pinot’s Palette. The goal was to watch and listen to the instructor and essentially replicate whatever they were painting. The class we took was for the “Mystic Moon.” The water I drew was actually supposed to be land, and the clouds I drew were supposed to be trees. Needless to say, I took a few creative liberties. (Actually, I made a mistake and had to figure out how to deal with it.)

I’m a perfectionist when it comes to… well, just about anything, so this was a really difficult experience for me. This article by my mom does a really good job talking about what it was like and how we both felt. Thanks, Crafty B!

Craftie Beaver

I went with my friend and our two daughters to a suburban wine-and-paint night at Pinot’s Palette. I was a nervous wreck. Why? Because I skipped the wine part! That’s why. Bad idea. LOL

I am a former art student who failed at getting her graphic design degree from a two-year college. I am one credit away from completing my degree and I could never find a job in my field. I didn’t have time to go to a four-year university and continue my back-to-school-in-my-thirties-midlife-crisis. So, as with many other things, I gave up.

Health issues became a concern four years ago and pursuing very challenging coursework with no actual high-paying job at the end seemed less important than just getting healthy. I tried to find work on my own for freelance, but that was super difficult and competitive. I did a few things for friends, but the work…

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Miis! (for your 3DS or Nintendo system)

Miis! (for your 3DS or Nintendo system)

I, Pencil Princess, am proud to say that I am the owner of a black Nintendo 3DS XL! Due to all the hype around Nintendo’s Miitopia (set to release July 28), I have been downloading and making a lot of Miis in preparation for playing the game. Of course there’s my personal Mii and the Miis I have made for my friends, but I wanted to show off some of my… other creations as well! Feel free to download these to your system and play with them on Streetpass Mii Plaza, Tomodachi Life, and Miitopia when it comes out!

Pencil Princess (moi!)

Pencil Princess PortraitPencil Princess QR Code

My personal Mii’s nickname is PenPrin, short for Pencil Princess, and it’s meant to look like the real me! My favorite color is yellow.

Crafty B

Crafty B PortraitCrafty B QR Code

This is my mom, who has a blog of her own! She’s a graphic designer and helped me make my logo.

The Crayon Queen

CQ PortraitCQ QR Code

The Crayon Queen, more commonly referred to as CQ, also has an art blog on Tumblr. She created such fabulous stories as Gloomverse, Lucidia, and Aftertale (a fan comic)! I couldn’t include her fabulous pink hair due to the color limitations of the 3DS’s Mii Maker. However, hair color can be changed in games like Tomodachi life!

Derpy Mario Princesses

Derp Peach PortraitDerp Peach QR Code

Derp Daisy PortraitDerp Daisy QR Code

Derp Rosalina PortraitDerp Rosalina QR Code

Ever since “Lonk from Pennsylvania,” it’s been a meme to create your own derpy versions of popular Nintendo characters. I did just that with the three princess from the Mario franchise! I think I succeeded in making these lovable characters… not so lovable.

Derpy Naruto Rivals

Derp Naruto PortraitDerp Naruto QR Code

Derp Sasuke PortraitDerp Sasuke QR Code

Okay, these were just for fun. I was planning on making “real” Naruto character Miis, but this happened instead. The names “Nart” and “Sask” come from LavenderTowne’s Passpartout video.

The Cast of Unfamiliar

Unfam Planchette PortraitUnfam Planchette QR Code

Unfam Pinyon PortraitUnfam Pinyon QR Code

Unfam Sun PortraitUnfam Sun QR Code

Unfam Babs PortraitUnfam Babs QR Code

For the same reason I couldn’t include CQ’s pink hair… I can’t do Babs’s pink hair or Planchette’s blue hair, either! Bummer. I still feel like I did a good job, considering! You can find these characters in LavenderTowne/Haley Mewsome’s webcomic, Unfamiliar.

Do you like these Mii characters? I’m looking forward to playing with them once I get Miitopia (or the Miitopia demo if I can’t wait)! See you tomorrow, Citizens!