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Cute Character: Octopus Lady

Cute Character: Octopus Lady

FINALLY! I drew and inked the third fourth main character of my bee detective story, starring Sweetie Bee, Detective Bumble, Bucky Lambert, and now Via Creed!

Octavia Creed
She looks super elegant. My mom says the third eye creeps her out!!

I’d been stuck on this character for a long time, and she went through numerous redesigns (in fact, she was originally a cat. How about that!?) I always knew I wanted her to be a psychic or empath of sorts, and I thought a black cat would emphasize the superstitious aspect of her personality. However, a psychic black cat lady character already exists in a franchise I like: Katrina from Animal Crossing!

Octavia Creed, or Via, for short, is a palm reader and fortune teller whose business is failing. She is patient, intuitive, and comes off as a little weird and cryptic to her friends Sweetie and Bucky. She isn’t one to judge, and does her best to see the good in everyone. She’s very quiet and reserved, and usually not outwardly expressive. Her third eye opens when she uses her psychic powers.

Wanting to stay true to my character’s personality but not seem like a copycat (no pun intended), I struggled to think of another animal that would fit the bill. As Craftie B helped me brainstorm, we thought of an octopus character as a reference to Paul the Octopus, who predicted the results of the World Cup a few years back. In addition, my cast is now a little more diverse — it consists of two insects, a mammal, and a sea creature instead of two insects and two mammals! I got to work, and designed Via! Hopefully I can start fleshing out this story’s world and characters now that I have this sorted out.

Look forward to hearing more about this bee story in the future! Until next time, keep bee-ing yourselves, Citizens.

Splatoon – Now Or Never | Animal Crossing-Style Remix

Splatoon – Now Or Never | Animal Crossing-Style Remix

Who says an art blog can’t have music!? Oh, nobody said that? Okay. Good. Because they would be WRONG! 😉

All jokes aside, my followers may be aware that I occasionally make music in addition to art. A while ago, I had a song called Now or Never from Splatoon stuck in my head. I was also playing a lot of Animal Crossing: New Leaf at the time, and I found its soundtrack so peaceful and charming. Then I thought, why not combine the two? I worked on and off for a couple of months to create this remix using Noteflight so I could put it on YouTube for others to enjoy. I also drew a cute picture of Cece and Viché (cosplayers of Callie and Marie from Splatoon that appear as unlockable characters in Animal Crossing: New Leaf) to go along with my new song.

Without further ado, here is the link to my Animal Crossing-style remix of Now or Never on YouTube! https://youtu.be/Gh5t0ACQHBg

And here is the cute drawing of Cece and Viché that goes with the video.

Squirrel Sisters
In Splatoon, Callie and Marie are called the Squid Sisters. Do you think that in the world of Animal Crossing, Cece and Viché are called the Squirrel Sisters?

Both the drawing and the remix took me a long time, but I’m happy with the result. What do you think? Let me know in the comments if you like, and have a safe Black Friday. Stay fresh!

Line Art: Owl Girl

Line Art: Owl Girl

Eeeeeeeeee! Sorry, I’m just so excited to be drawing these fun animal girls again. This adorable owl girl is another one in my series of animal-themed coloring pages! Someday, I hope to have enough to fill a coloring book. This one was a request from a Facebook friend of mine who asked, “Can you do an owl girl?” Well, I can and I did! (Even though it took me a long time.)

Owl Girl.JPG
OMG. She looks like she wants to give you a hug! Don’t leave her hanging!!!

Starting from the top, her hair poof is  in the shape of a feather! In addition, her pigtails represent the ear fluff of an actual owl. I wanted to give her cute cartoon eyebrows like I usually give my characters, but still convey the intense-looking eyebrows that owls have. I did my best to combine the two! Does it work? Let me know what you think!

The pointy nose I drew on her face is somewhat beak-like, I think. Her glasses are supposed to look like cute, tiny wings. Since owls are often portrayed as wise, I immediately thought of this girl being a student! Thus, I drew her in a private school outfit which I think turned out great. Her fluffy jacket is intended to be like an owl’s feathery wings! Last but not least, her socks have the same “v”-like feathery pattern that I often see on cartoon owls. Adorable!!

She’s also meant to look a little bit younger than my other animal girls. If I were to rank them from youngest to oldest, I would say that this owl girl is first, then the kitty girl, the bat girl, the polar bear girl, the ladybug girl, and finally the fox girl. Even if they’re not all the same age, I could totally see the five of them hanging out together.

Please give suggestions as to what kind of animal character you’d like me to draw next! Even if it takes me a while, I’ll do my best to acquiesce to your request. 😉 Or, if you want something more specific, you can always commission me to draw an existing character or one of your own. My prices are really cheap, if I do say so myself! And I do say so. So there. LOL As always, thanks to my lovely Citizens!

Cute Character: Queen of Clubs

Cute Character: Queen of Clubs

Salutations, citizens! Today’s drawing is a character that represents the Queen of Clubs (the playing card). This is actually a re-draw / redesign of a character I drew back in April of this year! Since I had so much fun drawing her the first time, I decided to draw her again in a more dynamic pose, and with color.

This old drawing looks a little stiff, and the way she’s holding her staff seems forced / unnatural. Also, that crown is going to fall off of her head! Aah!
color queen of clubs
This new version of the queen looks very sweet and elegant, but that staff makes me think she’s ready to defend herself if need be.

This illustration was done on art paper with a black gel pen, scanned, and colored using Photoshop. Crafty B and I tried adding some shading, but our process was really difficult and convoluted, so we only shaded in a few places. Hopefully I’ll be able to re-upload this drawing with different / more shading!

The club motif is carried on throughout her outfit including in the shape of her hair and her staff. If you spot any other things that look like a club (clover), let me know in the comments! Including the ones I already pointed out, there are nine, so I’d love to see how many my Citizens can spot. 😉

In other news, I added a new design to my RedBubble! This one is a white heart pattern on a red gradient background. It’s available on over 30 different products including hardcover journals, tote bags, and phone cases. There’s something for everybody! Well, everybody that likes hearts, that is.

Hearts 2.png
Personally, I love how it looks on a spiral notebook.

Feel free to take a look at my shop and give me suggestions for more drawings and designs. Thanks!