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Deviant Roulette

Deviant Roulette

Hello there, everyone! Recently I’ve been posting more on my DeviantArt than I have been here on my blog, simply because DeviantArt is a little more convenient for me than WordPress. For a little less than a week, my friend and I have been playing a game called Deviant Roulette, where we search for others’ original characters (OCs) on DeviantArt and draw some of the ones that stand out to us. So far I’ve drawn and posted six characters, which I’ll go ahead and share here on my blog!

These six were very fun to draw, and this has been a really fun game. Check out my DeviantArt gallery and the respective owners of these OCs to learn more about them, and check out monlight-bunnies’s page to see my friend’s drawings of these OCs. Thanks!

Masked Shapeshifter: Natyu

Masked Shapeshifter: Natyu

-Who is it?
-Well, it’s Natyu.
-I know it’s not me, who is it!?

This character’s name is a pretty obvious pun – it sounds like “not you,” which is a play-on-words referencing the fact that he is a shapeshifter! I created this character a while ago and I’m happy to be able to post it now.


I thought about coloring this picture, but I feel that it works best in black and white, kind-of like my Agent Evelyn illustration. Natyu is wearing a uniform similar to the one Sourelise wears, because I created them to exist in the same story. Natyu is disguising himself as a crew member of the same ship Sou works on. How sneaky!

The shape of his mask is a bit like an upside-down apostrophe, or half of a quotation mark, which is supposed to play into the fact that he copies others’ forms by shapeshifting. Almost like how you… copy someone’s words… by quoting them? Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch. However, the next part of his mask makes a little more sense – it has a mouth, nose, and whiskers like a cat! A COPYcat, one might say. Haha… heh… ehhhh. Still stretching? Yeah? Okay. Moving on…

I like how this portrait came out, especially the hatching to add some dramatic shading and the broken glass effect that cuts it off at the bottom. I like doing cool things like this when I do portraits! I think it’s fun to have the picture fade out or come to an end at the bottom in a more exciting way. Let me know what you think of this character in the comments. For everyone getting out of school, happy summer!!

Creepy Illustration: “Trick of the Light”

Creepy Illustration: “Trick of the Light”

The day after I originally drew my pumpkin girl, I decided to make another creepy creation. This one is a little more scary than the previous illustration, but it’s still in a cutesy cartoon style like most of my other drawings! I wanted to play around with a person and a shadow that had something “wrong” or “off” about it. While the discrepancy here isn’t exactly subtle, I still think this picture gives off a creepy vibe!

Trick of the Light
A spirit in the shadows, or just a trick of the light? I’ll leave that up to you. 😉

It was really fun going back and coloring this piece, the line-art for which I did a long time ago. I’m experimenting with cel shading techniques, which are a bit difficult with a mouse, but I think the shading on this piece turned out well! I’m really happy with the small details I added in the hair. What do you think?

It took a long time for me to be completely happy with this piece, but I think it’s worth it. If I could change one thing, I would have gone back and made the canvas size a bit bigger, because the composition feels a little cramped as it is. I probably won’t change it, though, because if I kept nitpicking and making little changes, I’d be at this for several more hours!

Going back and cleaning up/coloring my old art has been really fun so far, and I’m excited to continue this process. I’m glad I can finally show you all more of what I’ve been working on over the school year! If there’s anything you’d like to see me draw more of, leave a comment and let me know. Or, if you want something more specific, go ahead and commission me! Thanks so much for your continued support. ❤

Higher-Res Sou Icons

Yesterday, I posted my updated commission page in preparation for this summer! In the upcoming months, I hope to spread out to other art and picture-oriented websites including DeviantArt and Instagram to increase my presence on social media. But all that is beside the point! With my new commission page, I included examples of different types of backgrounds and art styles I can do. For the subject, I decided to use my character Sourelise, who I had already drawn in my regular style a few months ago. Since the examples I included were rather low-resolution, I decided to re-post them today in case you guys want to see them more clearly!

Sou Icon - Paper Cutout Cutie
This is the first, in the style of a cute and simple paper cutout.
Sou Icon - Complex Style
This is the second, with a more angular and complex style of drawing!

I hope you guys enjoy these new versions of my old character icon and look forward to my increased activity this summer. See you again soon!!