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How to Recognize an Art Student

How to Recognize an Art Student

I’m absolutely ecstatic to present to my citizens this finished, colored piece done in watercolor pencils! Other than my Pencil Princess profile picture, I haven’t ever finished coloring a drawing with watercolor pencils, so I’m very happy with how this one turned out.

Ever wondered how to tell art students apart from “ordinary” people? Now you can with this easy trick: is their non-dominant arm weak and noodley while their dominant arm is super buff and muscular from hours of drawing? If the answer is yes, then you have found yourself an art student.

The reason for this strange phenomenon observed in “art kids” is due to the fact that the non-dominant arm’s only primary function is delivering caffeinated beverages to the mouth if the other arm is busy, while the dominant arm is responsible for many activities (including drawing, painting, browsing memes, etc.)

Below is a depiction of a common art student, wearing a shirt that reads “ANIMU KWEEN” (translation: anime queen). Observe the difference between the non-dominant and dominant arms:

How to Recognize an Art Student

To make others aware of this easy trick (or simply to remind yourself), you can purchase this diagram on a variety of products via Pencil-Princess on RedBubble. The default product is a sticker, but it is also available on products such as hardcover journals and studio pouches.

In other news, the “ANIMU KWEEN” design on the shirt of this art student is available if you, too, want to be the anime queen. If more information is recorded on this strange art student phenomenon, rest assured that you will be informed immediately! PenPrin out.

10-Minute Or Less Drawings: Drawception

10-Minute Or Less Drawings: Drawception

Now, I’m not being paid to say this, but Drawception is super fun! It’s a combination of the games Telephone and Pictionary in which someone creates a game by submitting a prompt, someone else draws a picture based on that prompt within ten minutes, and the next person has to caption that picture within ten minutes. The cycle goes on for a while until a game is finished and everyone gets to see how it started and where it went. Hilarity ensues!

I played Drawception for a long time as user April Rayne. I had my ups and downs as an artist, but there were some very silly drawings that came from my time as a… Drawceptionist? Drawceptioner? Whatever. I’ve decided to share a few highlights with my dear Citizens!

Prompt: “Ghost wins first”

1 -Ghost wins first
I thought that this one was very cute! I could have drawn a ghost standing on a 1st place platform, but I interpreted the prompt as commenting first instead. View the full game here!

Prompt: “Mario Scaring a ghost”

2 - Mario Scaring a ghost
This drawing isn’t the highest quality piece of art I’ve made, but I like Mario a lot. View the full game here!

Prompt: “Pyromancer”

3 - Pyromancer
This one isn’t as funny as the others, but I was very proud of it. Again, all these drawings were done in ten minutes! Many users can make even better works of art within that time, but this is one of my personal best. View the full game here! (Warning: game uses the word “hell” and there is an illustration of hell / the devil)

Prompt: “Inverted butterfly”

4 - Inverted butterfly
This one is just plain strange. View the full game here!

Prompt: “Proton attacks star with knife”

5 - Proton attacks star with knife
I had to Google what a proton looked like for this one. View the full game here! (Warning: weapons, as well as some racist stuff? I’m not quite sure what to think of the drawings and captions after mine.)

Prompt: “Banana picking on a pineapple.”

6 - Banana picking on a pineapple.
I heard somewhere that a pineapple is actually a berry! Poor li’l guy. View the full game here!

Prompt: “I wish i was were star”

7 - I wish i was were star
I had a lot of fun drawing this. The little kiddo down in the bottom-left is supposed to be me wearing a sweater and a scarf. View the full game here!

Prompt: “does a knight’s armour matter?”

8 - does a knight's armour matter (question mark)
I would say that a knight’s armor does matter in combat. Getting hit by arrows is painful. View the full game here! (Warning: blood and weapons [obvs])

Prompt: “rainbow egg is dancing”

9 - rainbow egg is dancing
I would say this is my cutest Drawception drawing. View the full game here! (Warning: uses the word “gay,” but not in a rude way; I don’t actually think it’s a bad word but some might? IDK!)

Prompt: “Pessimistic pineapple”

10 - Pessimistic pineapple
That poor pineapple must still be sad about the banana making fun of him. View the full game here! (Warning: weapons and the use of the word “die”)

Prompt: “Leek”

11 - Leek
This leek looks uncomfortable. Also, what’s with me and drawing faces on food? Am I just hungry when I draw? View the full game here!

Prompt: “Handsome Squidward with bishie sparkles”

12 - Handsome Squidward with bishie sparkles
This one is Crafty B‘s all-time favorite drawing I’ve done on Drawception. I’ll let it speak for itself. View the full game here! (Warning: the word “sexy” and one drawing with exaggerated breasts)

For the record, here’s the original “handsome Squidward.”

This image is from a Know Your Meme article! I didn’t make it in Drawception, haha.

You can expect some more artwork tomorrow… once we get our scanner working again… until then, have a great day! And, if you’re a knight, remember that armor (armour?) does matter.

8 - does a knight's armour matter (question mark)